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There are several situations in HS where you need a client record to proceed--such as when creating an appointment. This topic is about searching and creating clients.

The goal is to minimize duplication, so it's usually a good idea to see if a client record is already in the system before creating a new one. But the likelihood of this varies greatly by clinic.

If you're a new clinic with few or no clients, then searching is probably unnecessary, and creating new clients should be your normal action. If you've been using HS for a long time and have a large client database, then searching first is usually the better approach.

When speaking to clients on the phone, you can ask if they've been to your clinic before, and that alone may decide whether you create a new record or search.

To create a client, click the Create link in the page title.

When creating a new client, the only required fields are the first and last names. When you enter the zip code and tab out of the field, the city, state, and county should auto-fill. If they don't, or they come up incorrect, go to Postal Code Lookup and fix the information there.

Tip If you search for an owner, but don't find her or him, the Create Owner button down at the bottom of the page will pass the name and phone number you searched for to the Create Client form, saving you a little typing. However, the "Create" link at the top does NOT do this.