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  • Core Steps In HS, there are three important daily workflows to know about: Check In , Check Out , and Post Invoices . Check in is used to receive patients, and thereby activate most reports that report patient statistics. Check out is used to post owner invoices and print paperwork. Strictly speaking, posting invoices (for volume clients) is not necessarily a daily activity, but it is an important process.

    As you'll see, there are several ways to check in to suit different tastes and situations. The check out and post invoices features partly overlap in purpose. Check out posts invoices for owners OR volume client invoices restricted to a single day's services. The regular post invoices feature lets you post invoices for any date range, and lets you select specific patients.

  • Optional Steps There are also some optional workflow steps you can do in HS to take full advantage of the system's capabilities. The Patient Exam step is used to let techs enter patient vitals prior to surgery, and the Drug Log is also aimed at techs -- helping them prepare vaccine bundles and enter controlled substance dosages.

  • Retail Sales For clinics that offer it, the Retail Sales feature is handy.