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Checking in patients is how you indicate they have arrived at the clinic for their appointment, and is a necessary step to enable most reports in the system.

There are four ways to check in for different tastes and situations:

  • Use Today >> Check In at a receptionist's desk.

    This approach offers a lot of functionality, but may be too complicated in a busy waiting room. You can use the Check In page to enter payments received during check in as well as modify the patient and client info as they're incoming.

  • Use Today >> Patient List, Change Status column or checkbox.

    This is handy when checking in from a printed list (more on that below). There are two ways to use this page for check-in purposes. You can use the Change Status column on the far right, or you can select multiple patients (using the checkboxes on the left side) and click the Check In Selected button at the top.

    Note that the Patient List page is a multi-purpose page for navigating and querying patient records in the course of a day. Check-in is just one use of it. You can also use Patient List to enter comments, select decline reasons, as well as query by sex, species, and weight.

  • Use Today >> Appointment Grid for a more compact, grid-like view of today's appointments.

    This view is most like prior versions of HS--clients are listed vertically, while sexes and species are shown horizontally. To check in a patient, find the client in the vertical list, then select the patient from appropriate dropdown. When you make the selection, the patient is checked in and you navigate to that patient's page.

  • Use the Status field on the upper right of the patient-appointment page. Change the status from Scheduled to Checked In to receive patients.

  • Saving a patient on the day its appointment is scheduled performs a check-in.

To print out today's appointments, use Today >> Print Appointment List. There are a couple ways to print another day's appointments:

  • From the calendar, click the visit type link on the desired day.

  • Go to View >> All Appointments and set the From Date and To Date to the same date.

From there, look for the Printed List link (and related Excel Download).