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Checking patients out means posting or finalizing a client's charges for an appointment as well as indicating that the patients on an appointment have left the clinic. Checking out causes the services on the appointment to become read-only, so it's a good idea to be finished with your data entry for an appointment before checking out. (You can make corrections if you need to -- process is described at the bottom of this topic.)

The check out process is mostly intended for owner clients, but can be used with volume clients. When used with volume clients, checking out is equivalent to posting an invoice for a single day's services. (Note that the price shown for volume client appointments is the sum of all their pending charges -- not merely the charges on one day. If you post the volume client invoice from here, then the invoice amount may be lower than what was shown.)

The check out process also doubles as a way to enter payments for appointments, and works in the same way as the Check In page for this purpose.

There are three ways to start the check out process.

  • Click Today >> Check Out.

    This is ideal when you want to check out several people at once or close together as well as enter payments in the process.

  • From the appointment home page, click the Check Out link on the right if available.

    The link appears when the appointment has the status Checked In. If you don't see the link, it's because none of the patients on the appointment have checked in. (Continue at step 2 in the procedure below.)

  • From the appointment patient page, click the Check Out link on the right if available.

    The link appears after the patient has checked in. If you don't see the link, it's because the patient does not have a Checked In or Examined status. (Continue at step 2 in the procedure below.)

Once you've reached the checkout page using any method above, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Click the location and visit type link on the left sidebar to select the patients to checkout.

  2. Find the client you want to check out, and click Check Out on the right. If the client still owes money, then the button is disabled. You can either:

    • Click the Amount Paid link and enter a payment in the popup for the desired payment method. (Note: When entering a payment here, simply tab out of the payment field to save it. The balance due for the appointment will refresh.)

      This method of entering a payment may be inconvenient on narrow monitors or if you have a lot of payment methods. See next for alternate approach.

    • Click the Allow balance due checkbox if you want to proceed without entering or payment OR you want to enter payments without using the popup described above. Then click Check Out.

  3. Verify that the patients and services listed are correct. If you need to edit any of the services, click the patient link to go to that patient's page. Make the corrections or changes there.

  4. If needed, enter or edit the payments. You may have done this already if the client pre-paid or you used the popup payment entry feature described above.

  5. Click one of the three check out buttons:

    • Check Out posts invoice and prints paperwork in a popup window.

    • Check Out and Email is available if the client has an email address. Invoice is posted, and nothing is printed.

    • Check Out (No Print) posts the invoice, but nothing is printed. This is handy if you made a correction to an invoice and want to post it again but for whatever reason don't need another printout.

Check Out All

In addition to checking out one at a time, you can also check out all owners who are fully paid. Look for the Check Out All Owners button near the bottom.


After you check out an appointment, the services on it become read-only. If you need to make a correction to the invoice, you must "un-checkout" or "rollback" the invoice. (Note that this capability may be disabled or limited by your clinic manager.)

There are several ways to un-checkout an appointment:

  • If the checkout was done today, go to the Dashboard and look in the Checked Out column. There will be a button to click that takes you do the list of appointments that were checked out on this day.

    In the list of appointments that come up, look for the Uncheckout link on the right side.

  • If the checkout was done some time ago or you don't remember when, use the search box in the upper right for the client's name to find the appointment.

    Once you find the appointment, look for the Uncheckout link under the Paperwork heading on the right.