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Turn on auto check-in when you want to enter appointments for a specific date while by-passing the normal check-in process. In effect, this lets you treat surgeries as walk-in appointments as well as letting you enter appointments in the past.

The option applies to your user account only, and stays on until you turn it off.


  • You can set the auto check-in date to any date you want by clicking the date link and entering a valid date. That date will "stick" until you change it again.
  • If you want the auto check-in date always to be today, then click the date link to edit it. But instead of entering a date, delete the contents of the field and press enter or tab out. You will see the word "today" next to the date displayed to let you know the auto check-in date is the current date.
  • If you see the word "edited", it means that the date was deliberately set to that date.