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Normally, when you post an invoice, it contains charges from several or many patients over a date range. Then you receive a payment for the invoice as a whole. This is the most efficient approach to invoicing.

For some volume clients, however, you may have a need to track the payment status of individual patients. In this case, it makes more sense to post a separate invoice for each patient. This option enables you to activate this invoice posting behavior.

The disadvantage of posting an invoice for each patient is that you will have many more invoices to track, so use this option with care.

Regardless of whether this option is enabled or not, you still post invoices the in same way. The only difference is in the output -- either a single invoice or many.

To quickly pay these invoices when you receive payments, use the search box in the upper right to look for Invoices and enter the patient number.

Note You can change this option at any time on a volume client by previewing any pending invoice and toggling the 'Post each patient on separate invoice' checkbox at the bottom of the page next to the Post button.