User's Guide

Daily Operation

In no particular order, here are the essentials to know about in HS. This is a good place to start for all users.


  • The menu items across the top are the same as on the home page. The difference is that the home page shows a short description of each link.

  • The Today menu has features/reports that apply to the current day, while the View menu (and others) have more general-purpose searches and features. When trying to figure out what to do in the system, ask yourself if it's something that applies to today's workflow specifically, or is it something broader or from the past or a wider date range.

    Most of the "Today" pages share the same menu of links across the top:

  • Most pages have some sort of title followed by a sentence or two description of what it's for. If a page looks complicated at first, look for that sentence near the top for a short explanation of what it is. There's also usually one or more "See Also" links directing you to related pages.

Key Tasks

  • A lot of your time in the system is spent scheduling appointments.

  • Use the Calendar page to look at upcoming appointments, monitor clinic capacity, create new appointments, and access daily financial reports. A related page you might find useful is the Appointment Matrix page, under the View menu. It shows totals of appointments over a date range, and is quick way view clinic load in the past or future.

  • Use the Daily Patient List (under the Today menu) to quickly navigate all the patients on a given day, to monitor the check in/out status, enter comments, and set declined reasons as needed. This is also an alternate way to check patients in and out.

  • Use Today >> Check In to receive today's appointments. To print a day's appointments, use Today >> Print Appointment List.

  • Use Today >> Check Out to discharge appointments.