User's Guide

Searching and Navigating

There's a lot of different data to manage in HS, so there are plenty of ways to search and view it.

In a nutshell, here's how information is organized.

  • Use the Today menu at the top for quick access to pages you'll need for a typical day's operation. Information on these pages is restricted to a single day.

  • Use the View menu for more general-purpose searching and viewing of lists from any time period.

  • The menu items across the top correspond to menu items on the home page. The main difference is that full descriptions of each menu item can be found on the home page. That's the best way to learn at a glance what a certain feature does.

  • The search box in the upper right generally finds anything in the system that can be found with a few characters--such as an owner name, phone number, microchip, patient number, or appointment ID.

  • Use the Goto button at the upper right to quickly access today's appointments. Also use it to quickly access a volume client ledger. (This replaces the volume client ledger dropdown from HS3.)

  • Use the Recent button at the upper right to quickly access appointments, clients, and patients recently modified. (This replaces the "Last 20 Animals" dropdown from HS3.)