User's Guide

Searching and Navigating >> Calendar page

Use the Calendar page to get a high-level view of clinic activity--both past and future appointments.

Use the Visit Types and Locations buttons to filter your view of the calendar to what you want to see.

Your locations will vary... And many of you have just one location, so these options may not be very useful.

There's a lot of information on this page, so here's a breakdown of the information on a single day.

  • Comments conveys information relevant to the whole clinic or a single location (if only one location is active).

  • Day of the month click this to access the Dashboard page for the day.

  • Location shows the location name followed by the various visit types available at that location. In the example below we see the location "Clinic" followed by the Surgery visit type.

    The number of appointments follows the visit type, then the percent free, and the new appt link for creating appointments.

  • Visit types are color coded as follows: Spay/Neuter, Wellness, Recheck, Walk-in.

  • Surgery capacity in blue shows you available schedule hours followed by any count limits for the day. (Directly below the surgery capacity is the available kennel space for the day.)

    Click the hours to view the time exception for the day. Use this to change the available hours or vets on a given day. For holidays, set the available hours or vets to zero.

    Click the counts to view or edit count limits on that day. Hover the mouse cursor over the counts to see the full text that the abbreviation represents.

    When a value has an orange background, it means you're right at capacity and shouldn't accept any more of that sex-species. Red means you're overbooked.