User's Guide

Searching and Navigating >> Search box

Use the search box in the upper right of the screen to search for anything in the system. You can also go to a volume client ledger and access the Recent page.

Here are the different searches that run when you type something in the search box. Note that there are different types of searches:

  • Numeric searches apply when only numbers are entered.

  • Text searches apply when letters and numbers are entered.

  • DoubleWord searches apply when exactly two words are entered.

Search Area Type Description
Appointment ID Numeric Searches for appointment IDs
Appointments Text Client name, comments, phone numbers, patient names from recent and future appointments
Archived Rabies Tag Text Archived rabies tag number
Clients by Name, Address, Email, Phone (formatted) Text Name, comments, address, email, phone
Clients by Phone (digits only) Text Finds clients by phone number specifically
Invoice Numeric Search invoice numbers
Microchip Text Search for microchip number
Patient and Owner Name (appointment) DoubleWord Patient name followed by owner last name
Patient and Owner Name (patient history) DoubleWord Patient name followed by owner last name
Patient Appointments Numeric Searches patients over the course of their appointment history
Patient Invoice Numeric Single-patient invoices
Patient Name Text Finds most recently-entered patients by name
Patient Number Numeric Searches patients by number
Patients by External Number Text
Rabies Tag Text Rabies tag number
Transactions Text Transaction descriptions
Volume Client Text Search volume client names and abbreviations