User's Guide

Reports / Financials

There are five main reporting areas in the system. You may see them combined or related in various ways, but they are still conceptually distinct.

  • Patient reports such as Surgeries and Patients count individual patients regardless of what services they had nor how often they visited over time.

  • Appointment reports look at patient visits over time. Includes no-show rate reporting. See Appointments.

  • Item reports relate to services rendered and their dollar values. In this context, dollars are called earnings, not revenue. This distinction comes from the fact that HS is a cash-based accounting system. Therefore, revenue is counted when paid, not when earned.

    You'll sometimes see the term "Services" and this is interchangeable with Items.

  • Revenue reports relate to payments and other income received, usually broken out by payment method (cash, check, credit, etc). Refunds and deposits fall under this category.

    Revenue may be reported by client, but does not go down to the patient nor service level. When you receive payments in HS, they relate to appointments or invoices, but not to specific services on those invoices. Therefore, there is no revenue reporting at the service (or item) level.

  • Client reports relate to your client database as a whole, and are used for building mailing lists or analyzing client populations in aggregate, such as by county or ZIP code.

The following "schematic" view of a typical appointment shows where the different reporting areas apply.