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Volume Clients

A volume client is a client you do a lot of repeat business with or a grant. You give them a code (up to 10 characters) that identifies them in dropdown controls and paperwork.

There are two kinds of volume client:

  • Rescue, Transports, Shelters are "regular" volume clients that are invoiced periodically using the Post Invoices feature.

    Volume clients in prior versions of HS were always this type.

  • Grants are not invoiced, and do not receive regular payments. You can use the Grant Balances report to monitor balances, and use the Expense Details report for detailed compliance reporting.

    These reports divide grant reporting into Actual and Projected dollars. "Projected" refers to future appointments, and "Actual" refers to appointments that have checked in.

    When you receive money for a grant, record it with a Grant Allowance transaction on the grant's ledger. As you schedule appointments using the grant, HS will automatically record Grant Expense transactions on the ledger for each day. Multiple patients may be included on a day's grant expenses.

    To prevent over-spending a grant, HS prevents you from booking appointments with it if the grant is out of money. If you want to pad your schedule with expected no-shows -- and overspend the grant a little, you can set the Max Balance on the grant's home page.

    Note that you can also use the regular client ledger page to track a grant balance, but the Expense Details report is meant for compliance reporting while the ledger page is meant for internal use.