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There are three ways to create a surgery appointment, and the difference is mostly a matter of taste and what's convenient based on where you are in the system at a given moment.

Before scheduling a surgery appointment for the first time, check out Surgery Scheduling Setup .

  • Search-first Use this when you don't have a client record handy and you don't know or care the appointment date initially until you're ready to find a date.

    I normally recommend this for new users because this approach has a date selection feature that's easier to read than the full calendar.

  • Calendar-first Use this when you want to scan the calendar visually for openings before making the appointment.

    The calendar displays a lot of information, and discerning openings may not be very easy--especially for new users.

  • Client- or Patient-first Use this when you're already on a client or patient record, and you want to schedule a new appointment for that client or patient.