User's Guide

Setup >> Drug Log

You can track controlled substance use in HS. There are four general steps to this:

  1. Create controlled subtance items.

  2. Receive bottles into inventory with the Unopened Log.

  3. Open bottles as needed for surgery.

  4. Track usage through the Drug Log, and view drug usage details with the Open Container log.

Create Controlled Substance Items

Repeat this procedure for each drug you need to track.

  1. Create one or more items of with inventory type Controlled Substance.

    Also set the Dispense Units, Container Size, and Strength fields. Note that the container size field is numeric only -- do not enter letters in that field.

  2. Scroll down the page a bit after you save the item, add at least one dosage for each species it will be used with.

    If you want HS to suggest a default dosage by animal weight, then enter as many dosages as you want for each weight level where you want a default to appear. To start with, I suggest simply entering one dosage with zero for the "weight at least" field. In the "amount" field, enter the dosage as a decimal value with no units.

  3. Add any applicable delivery methods for the drug.

Receive bottles into inventory

  1. Go to Setup >> Items and Pricing >> Drug Inventory >> Unpopened Containers.

  2. Select the item you want to receive.

  3. Click Receive.

  4. Enter the date, supplier, lot number, expiration date, and number of bottles. You can do up to 10 bottles at a time.

  5. For the number of bottles you're receiving, enter your numbers for the bottles in the fields below.

    For example, if you're receiving three bottles, then enter three bottle numbers below the number 3. You must make up the bottle numbers, and they may not duplicate bottle numbers you've used in the past.

  6. Click Submit below.