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Service profiles enable you to have certain items, pricing, and billing options come up automatically while entering patients. As you make changes to a patient record or appointment, HS can automatically change the items and pricing for a patient if the right service profiles are setup, saving you a lot of manual steps and opportunities for error.

To use service profiles, you need a few things first:

  • Items are the individual products and services you sell or offer. Before creating service profiles, create all the items that could be automatic at some time or another. Typically, at minimum, this includes your spay/neuter and rabies vaccine items. When creating such items, give them a $0 price. In fact, you can give them any price you like, but bear in mind that any items you use in service profiles will get all new prices from the profile they belong to.

    Bear in mind also that any fee schedule pricing you set up is not used by the service profile feature. Fee schedules do play a role in service profiles, but pricing always comes from the service profile, not the fee schedule. Fee schedule pricing is intended for items that are not used with the service profile feature.

  • Patient profiles identify all combinations of sexes, species, and weight levels you schedule. Patient profiles may also be breed-specific (typically for Pit Bulls) as well as be specific to in heat, pregnant, or cryptorchid males.

    Patient profiles can be quickly setup by going to Patient Profiles and clicking Build Default Profiles.

  • Appointment profiles build on patient profiles by adding a location and length (in minutes) of a type of appointment. Even if you don't schedule by time (aka points), appointment profiles are still required.

    For purposes of setting up service profiles for surgery appointmments, you can think of patient and appointment profiles as one-to-one. For each patient profile, there will be a matching appointment profile. For wellness, walk-in, and recheck appointments, that one-to-one relationship no longer holds.

    Appointment profiles are created automatically when you visit the Appointment Profiles page.

Once you've you've done this, you're ready to start. There are four variables that go into a service profile:

  • The Appointment Profile.