User's Guide

Setup >> 24PetWatch Microchips

24PetWatch brand microchips are automatically registered on a daily basis in HS. Here's how to set this up:

  • Go to Setup >> Options >> Microchip Providers.

  • Create or edit a record so it has the name "24PetWatch" along with the system provider 24PetWatch. In the Remote Clinic ID field enter "HS" followed by your clinic ID number, which can be found in the very bottom left of any HS screen under the copyright notice. Click Save when done.

    Note: You may see a microchip provider in your list called "Default/Unknown" -- this is a by-product of a migration from HS3. You may rename this to be 24PetWatch or create a new entry.

  • Enter appointments and patients as usual. 24PetWatch microchips that you enter are automatically registered that evening if they meet data entry requirements described below. If you ever change the owner of a patient with a microchip, that change is updated with 24PetWatch as well.

Data Entry Requirements

For automatic chip registration to occur, some required fields must be entered. At any time you can look for errors preventing automatic registration by going to View >> Microchips >> Validate 24PetPatch Microchips

  • Patient birth date is required. (Remember that the birth date can be set from an approximate age or age group.)

  • The breed must match with a breed defined in PetPoint. Most of the time this is automatic. To verify that your breed selection has a PetPoint equivalent, go to Patient Home >> Pet Point Information and check the breed selection. If no PetPoint breed is shown, please contact Pethealth Tech Support to have one added.

  • Clients must have at least one phone number entered -- home, work, or mobile.

Communication Preference

With 24PetWatch microchips, clients may indicate a preference regarding how they want to be contacted if their lost pet is found. The choices are Yes, anyone may contact me, and No, only 24PetWatch may contact me.

On the Patient Home and Patient Appointment page, next to the microchip number field, there's a link that shows Yes or No according to this preference. "Yes, anyone may contact me" is the default.

  • Communication preference popup on patient home and patient-appointment home:

  • Yes response as shown on patient summary:

  • No response as shown on patient summary: