User's Guide

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Ideally, you should create a user account for each individual using HS. Sharing user accounts is not recommended because it's impossible to trace data changes back to a specific person as well as impossible to set permissions effectively.

A user account consists of a name, email address, and permission level.

  • The name can be anything not already taken, up to 20 characters.

  • The email address can be any valid email address. See important note below about email addresses.

  • The permission level is one of these values:

    • Executive Director
    • Clinic Manager
    • Operator
    • Volunteer

About Email Addresses

It's possible to re-use the same email address on different HS user accounts, but you should be careful about how you do this. Anyone who can receive email at a given address may reset the password(s) associated with it. So, avoid using the same email on operator and manager or director accounts. Ideally, manager and director accounts should be accessible to the manager only. Catch-all or generic addresses that all clinic employees receive should not be used with director and manager accounts.