User's Guide

Daily Operation >> Schedule New Appointments >> Surgery >> Calendar-first

  1. Go to the Calendar page.

    Note: For scheduling purposes, it's usually advised to view the calendar in "This week onward" mode to make easier to look in the future.

  2. As needed, location(s) you want to see, and be sure the Surgery option is turned on under Visit Types..

  3. Find the day you want to schedule, and click the new appt link for the location you want to schedule. In this example, two locations are shown--Clinic and Mobile. You may have different locations.


  4. Select the options you want here. Note that the location and date will be selected already.

  5. If you're scheduling for an owner, click the Owner button, and search or create the owner as appropriate. If the appointment has a volume client only, select the volume client and click Volume Only.

  6. Add patients to the appointment using the sex, species, and count dropdowns near the top left.

    You can also use the plus/minus controls to add and remove patients, respectively.

    The pricing that comes up is determined by your Service Profiles.

  7. If you wish, enter patient and service detail in the lower part of the page.

    Entering more info about patients up-front can save time later, but it's up to you how much you want to enter now. Note that until given proper names, patient names are sequentially generated (i.e. "Patient 1", "Patient 2" and so on).

  8. When you're finished adding patients, click the Set Date button.

  9. You're done! This screen is shown when the appointment is booked.